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The most uncertain and improvised trip of this year

Hello travelers! You don't know how rewriting for the blog feeds my soul. I tell you that I am already super anxious to get back to the rush of going to take a flight, to find a hotel to stay in your next destination, to plan what places to visit for the next trip and I am excited that soon we will take that plane again towards a new destination for us.

You really do not know how much this makes me happy, our next destination I will tell you that it is a destination that we were planning to visit since last year, however, as it happened to many travelers, the plans had to be modified by force majeure due to what we had to rearrange dates, flights and accommodations.

Very soon we will be getting to know the warm lands of Los Angeles, California! In our previous trips I did not used to tell you my destination before the trip, as if to keep some surprise haha ​​but now I would like to tell you all the journey we have gone through to be able to make this trip.

As I was saying, this trip was planned for June 2020, we were thinking of making our trip Guadalajara-Tijuana since the flights are much cheaper on this route and we thought we would cross to the USA through the CBX which is the bridge that connects the airport of Tijuana with San Diego, and we were only paying for some transportation from San Diego to Los Angeles, COVID19 arrived and everything changed, we were worried about what we were going to do with the flights because a situation like this had never happened to us obviously, but with or without a pandemic We had not had to change destinations or dates for a flight before, everything has always turned out very well, now unfortunately the world decided to get sick, although fortunately the airline where we had our tickets already purchased began to offer changes of dates and destinations at no extra cost due to the pandemic, so after analyzing it, we changed the trip to Cancun for the end of 2020 since I had a courtesy of lodging in Cancun that we could use, apart from the fact that we did not know if we were going to be able to make a trip to Los Angeles due to COVID issues, unfortunately fate again played against us and we could not make that trip to Cancun because I had to be in Guadalajara for the opening of the hotel where I work (we closed 8 months and changed brand), so again we had to move that flight, now for June 2021 and we returned it to its original destination which is Tijuana but now, at a cost extra, we lost the courtesy Cancun lodging unfortunately.

Now in April of this year we realized that the CBX pass is closed for tourist visas, or by God! What else could go wrong for our next trip? Every month they were giving updates on whether or not they would open the passage through the CBX, we waited another month until May came to decide what we were going to do with those flights. The long-awaited May 21 arrived, the day they would announce if they opened the way or not and then NO! It was not opened for our bad luck, so we are going to let our outbound flight to Tijuana be lost, before deciding what we were going to do we investigated with the airline if we could miss the outbound flight and that they respect us and keep our little place for the return flight, since we already investigated that if we can leave the USA through the CBX pass back to Mexico, the airline assured us that there would be no problem with that and that we can use the flights that we already had purchased without problem back to Tijuana-Guadalajara, but unfortunately we had to get into debt with new one-way flights, to fly direct from GDL-Los Angeles, this is the only way we can enter with our Tourist visa to the United States. The reason why we will travel is that we will go to a wedding but we want to take the opportunity to get to know Los Angeles and we also hope to have the possibility of going to Las Vegas, hopefully everything is fine, as the title of the post mentions, this will be a trip a So much improvised, they do not know how much I love planning our trips, doing the itinerary day by day in order to have an idea of ​​how we will spend our time on each trip, I love to investigate known and not so well-known points of interest months before of the places we travel to and manage the time we will spend in those cities to make the most of the trip, pay in advance as much as we can pay, however this being a trip so full of uncertainties the truth is that I no longer wanted to stress So I will leave it to the destination, that the destination, our desire and the advice of the people decide to which places we will go each day. We are going to stay with my husband's family so what we spend on the extra flights we will save on accommodation and there is no better way to get to know a place than with local people who know the destination perfectly, so it is one of the trips more expected, more uncertain than we have done hahahaha let us cross our fingers so that everything flows, just wait for the trip and enjoy our stay on the beautiful coasts of California.

If any of you have already gone to Los Angeles, I would be very happy if you can give us tips of places that are Must to know and tips about the city that can serve us. I will be documenting how it is that the trip and the flights are going. Did something like this happen to you too with a trip in this pandemic? tell me everything

I wish you guys that soon we will have trips without a mask again haha


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