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My name is Cristina Lugo I am an enterprising girl, I have been living in Guadalajara for 7 years,  proudly Mexican with a traveling soul.  I work in the hotel industry and I am passionate about traveling.


Other of my passions is to know hotels and go to all kinds of shows. that's why I decided to start this blog to join me in my discoveries. I am 32 years old and I am willing to dream big.


I believe that a traveling soul can never and should not be calm in one place, we only have one life and we should take advantage of it and since traveling takes you to mature many aspects of our personality, you can get to know both virtues and defects of yourself same as you would be surprised to know that there is still much to know ourselves, this is one of the wonders that travel offers you.


I am a very curious mind that is always trying to discover new flavors, new sensations, new emotions, I would like to cover all that is new to know and learn, and even though one life is not enough for new discoveries and places that will become protagonists In the future, I want to take advantage of this life that I have to make a mark in the world by being an explorer of the world and of myself to inspire other young people to follow their dreams, since the world needs people who love what they do, I will demonstrate that it is not necessary to have all the money in the world to achieve new experiences or dreams, nor are there obstacles impossible to defeat. You have to enjoy from a morning coffee to the great trip of your dreams.

Guadalajara, jalisco.


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